Brewery Marketing Items


The micro and craft brewery industry has grown exponentially over the last few years. Breweries use a wide variety of products from bottle labels to coasters and table tents to market their brand. We off er excellent pricing on these items.

Labels—Our Specialty

Bottle labels are a great way to showcase your product. Craft beer has put a fun new twist on label art. They can be fun, funky, colorful or just unique to the brand.

Roll Labels: They are produced on a roll of durable, water-resistant stock with a permanent adhesive. Available in 4 color process or spot color.

Lithos Labels: Printed on 60# or 70# litho stock.

More about our brewery labels

Our specialty: Labels
Our specialty: Labels

Table Tents

A Table Tent is a convenient, self-standing promotional unit created from printed and folded 111# gloss cover stock. They are powerful promotional tools and are designed to be placed on tables…as well as counters, desks, or any other horizontal surface.

The same artwork can be printed on both upright panels (so it can be seen from either side) or each panel can be printed with a different graphic.

Flat Size: 4.5 in x 15.5 in
Panel Size: 4.5 in
(w) x 6 in (h)

Table tents
Table tents
Cost per each, full color
No. 1001100$1.10
No. 1002200$0.71
No. 1003300$0.58
No. 1004400$0.43
No. 1005500$0.39

Keg Collars

These fit over and around the keg stem. They are used to identify manufacture date, size, flavor and any applicable government warning. These can be produced in a variety of substrates to fit your needs. Available in 4 color process or spot color.

Keg collars
Keg collars
Cost per each, spot color
6½" dia.1252505001000150025005000
No. 1461.023" PolyethyleneOne Color$3.341.801.07.725.636.469.336
No. 1462.015" PolyethyleneOne Color$
No. 1463.024" All-Weather Poster BoardOne Color$2.521.54.817.452.319.214.135
No. 1464.018" All-Weather Poster BoardOne Color$2.391.42.754.419.296.183.121
Each Add’l Color$.492.
Cost per each, 4-color
6½" dia.1252505001000150025005000
No. 1471.010" Plastic4-Color$2.271.561.01.697.527.414.319
No. 1472.010" Laminated Tag Stock4-Color$1.931.33.863.596.452.386.309
No. 1473.010" Tag Stock4-Color$1.64.909.531.355.242.199.159

Keg Wraps

These wraps fit around the keg for easy identification in a busy bar’s cooler room. A wrapped keg is far more likely than an unwrapped keg to find its way back to your brewery for refilling. They are available in various lengths. Available in 4-color process or spot color.

Keg wraps
Keg wraps
Cost per each
No. 310129½" x 3"$3.542.081.601.341.23
No. 310235" x 3"$3.802.301.791.531.41
No. 310338½" x 3"$3.982.421.911.651.53
No. 310445½" x 3"$4.302.702.121.901.77
No. 310549½" x 3"$4.502.842.302.041.90


Our banners are made of 13 oz. reinforced vinyl, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor display. They are available in all sizes and can be printed in 4 color process or spot color.

Cost per each
No. 11663 ft. x 2 ft.$20.1818.1117.0816.5616.0415.01
No. 11745 ft. x 2 ft.$33.6430.1928.4627.6026.7325.02
No. 11764 ft. x 3 ft.$40.3736.2334.1633.1232.0930.02
Cost per each
Price Per Sq. Foot (144 sq. inches)$3.363.022.852.762.682.50

Growler Tags

Growler Tags are a relatively new way to label growlers. They allow you to expand your brand’s recognition by displaying your logo, contact info, upcoming events or any other creative marketing idea. They are printed on a high quality 12 pt. stock paper.

Available in 4 color process or spot color. Choose from a standard shape or have it die cut into any shape. (Die charge may apply)

Growler tags
Growler tags


Coasters catch the eye of the consumer as they unwind. They are practical, inexpensive, and when placed properly, can be your best way to market to your target audience in pubs, restaurants, clubs and other businesses.

They can be printed on paper board or cork. Available in 4 color process or spot color.


Vinyl Decals

Decals are an inexpensive way to advertise your product. They are printed on durable, outdoor vinyl stock. They can be square, round, oval or custom die cut. Available in 4 color process or spot color.

Die-Cutting: No die charge for decals with square corners unless either dimension is less than one inch. No die charge for circles with a diameter every ½″. No die charge on repeat orders. Add $153.00 (D) for 41 or less sq. inches.

Vinyl decals
Vinyl decals
Kwik-Ship Digital Decals, cost per each
No. 423022" dia.$1.78.984.527.325.254
No. 425023" dia.$1.78.984.527.325.254
No. 427024" dia.$
No. 408025" x 3" oval$
No. 413026" x 4" oval$2.331.25.721.446.385
No. 49902 Custom Decals, cost per each
Sq. Inches12525050010001500
5 or Less$1.78.984.527.325.254
6 to 10$1.831.01.542..334.261
11 to 17$
18 to 28$2.331.25.721.446.385
29 to 41$2.401.29..742.461.396

Point of Purchase

  • Static Cling Decals
  • Shelf Talkers
  • Double Faced Decals
  • Floor Decals
  • Counter Mats
  • Shelf Strips
  • Extra Large Window Decal
  • And More!
Point of purchase
Point of purchase

Promo Products

  • T-shirts
  • Coolers
  • Totes
  • Stadium Cups
  • Caps
  • Magnets
  • And More!
Promo products
Promo products